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My experience ordering from CheapWeed.ca

UPDATE 2019: Although our original anonymous experience last year was a positive one, they later proved themselves to be dishonest when the owner closed all affiliate accounts and stole their earned commission and leads. I won’t be buying from this place and I don’t recommend someone I can’t truest. That being said, here is the original review:

This time my search for high-CBD strains has taken me to CheapWeed.ca

So far I’ve found only a few dispensaries carrying decent high-CBD strains at affordable prices but the availability has been more miss than hit. At the time of writing this post even this place has ran out of stock for Charlotte’s Web so my search will probably continue.

I have to admit after two terrible experiences purchasing from dispensaries advertising “cheap weed”, I was highly skeptical ordering from a place that is called just that! While researching the site I came across a long thread on reddit which made things more complicating. It’s hard to know which reviews are real and which ones are fake. If Charlotte’s Web wasn’t so hard to come by I probably wouldn’t have risked placing an order but now I’m glad I did! In my limited experience, I’m satisfied with my purchase and I will buy from this place again.


There is no guest check-out so in order to proceed with the purchase you’re required to open an account and login but they only require name, email address and a photo ID to verify your age. On the next step they require an address to ship your package to.

Payment Process

At this time, Interact Email Transfer with similar process to other dispensaries is the only method of payment here.


Shipping is free for all orders but the items are available in minimum quantity of  an ounce and up, the cheapest of which is $160. I placed my order around 5pm on a Wednesday, it was shipped through Xpresspost midday the next day and I received it in Toronto, the following Monday.

The Package

The Package from CheapWeed.ca


Double Vacuum-sealed

The product bag was placed in a box and vacuum-sealed twice with no noticeable smell. Not the most fancy packaging but it does the job perfectly fine!

The Products

After ordering Charlotte’s Web from 4 different dispensaries I think I am growing to be a good judge of its quality. I believe this batch was one of the better ones I’ve tried and well worth its price although its THC felt to be a little more than its supposed 0.3-1%.


Based on this experience I would definitely order from CheapWeed.ca again.

Please Note although I may have more experience in this field than an average user, I am not a cannabis connoisseur nor I trust my one experience to write a definitive review about the products and/or the dispensaries they were purchased from. I simply purchase the products anonymously, and report my experience hoping that would help others make a more informed decision.


  • Teddy B.

    I think that Tony at Cheapweed is very slick at marketing, but plays shell games with his weed on a multi-daily basis with pricing. The “real” premium bud (which he only occasionally has) is anything but cheap and that, he sells as single ounces (to maximize profit.) Be very careful in ordering in quantity as his assistants seem to think that the weight INCLUDES the bagging – which it should not. He’s very effusive in providing thank you letters to all of his customers making it sound like ensuring his customers get their medicine is what he dedicates his life to – and that the money is almost secondary. Can you stop and smell the b.s. yet? Recently (and after making a couple of single oz. purchases) I ordered a 1/4 lb. of bud from him. When it arrived and after I removed all of it from the packaging it was in excess of 1/2 an oz. light. You heard me. I can understand a gram or 2 maybe, but 1/2 an oz. light? I wrote to him. He wasn’t quite as effusive in his apology. Tried to imply that maybe my scales were, but was nevertheless giving me the benefit of the doubt. Instead of calculating the credit by the bulk purchase price, dividing that per ounce, instead he based in our a per gram cost, resulting in a lower credit than should have been applied. Since I have a credit I will make one final single ounce purchase when the time is right, but I have zero confidence in ever ordering anything in bulk from him again. I would far preferred that he ship me that 1/2 ounce that was short, and that I’d paid for. Be very careful with this guy. Very slick, very slippery and make no mistake it’s ALL about the money.

    • Dillon Levesque

      I highly doubt that cuz I’ve been buying from him myself and it the best always what I ordered no one listen to this person

  • Amy Woloszyn


    This “company” should be so ashamed of themselves and disgusted for the amount of loyal customers they STOLE from.

    I have been purchasing weed through CW for several months and have spent thousands of dollars. From the first order back in January, I received amazing customer service and amazing products! then last month IT ALL CHANGED …………

    My last order I received was the following:
    Tom Ford Live Resin – which was amazing.
    GG #4 Purchased Quarter Pound – when I received the QP I was extremely impressed with the huge buds until I broke them open. Those amazing huge buds were filled with mold. Out of my quarter pound I received, 15 grams were MOLDY!

    I emailed CW support 4 times regarding THIS order and it’s receiving moldy weed. NO RESPONSE!

    I ordered $450.00 worth of bud on June 25, CW accepted my e-transfer quite quickly, sent me their automated email saying — here is your tracking number speech and I figured my weed would be here Thursday (like usual).

    Currently my tracking number still says that sender hasn’t dropped order off yet. I called Canada Post and they said the sender setup a tracking number but never sent anything.

    It’s now Sunday – 5 days later. I have sent several emails and have been completed ignored.

    I only found out that there was something wrong with their company, by googing “cheapweed problems” on Thursday, when I checked my tracking number for my weed package and it stated that my packaged hasn’t been shipped yet.

    Cheap Weed is claiming that Canada Post is stealing packages from customers. So maybe they didn’t send out my package because of their “postal issue” —- so where’s my phone call or email informing me on their situation? Where’s my refund and apology? Or at least ANSWER ONE of my million emails?!

    Instead I have been IGNORED, and company that I have been extremely loyal too over 6 months, STOLE $450 from me!!

    I have never felt so DISRESPECTED and RIPPED OFF by a company in my life.

    The amount of customers this company has stolen from is RIDICULOUS!


  • Carndawg

    Tony is a snake. Stay away from this garbage company. He builds clientelle and then rips them off and claims “postal theft” then proceeds to offer a garbage solution to pay back customers. This bum was sending empty boxes with tracking numbers after accepting e transfers. DO NOT BUY FROM CHEAPWEED!!! TONY IS A GOOF!!

  • Kozmick

    Do not order from them
    Since May of 2019 and having nothing but problems
    I made an order and was shorted 5 oz of pre-paid bud. I lost out on $600 on lawn with countless other people who have lost out on their orders as well during the last few months.
    Stay away from these guys along with do some research when making online orders elsewhere as I hear Tony has other websites he is running name differently selling product as well.
    Please spread the word and throw this f***** in jail for frauding the medicated

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