Happy Bud-day Toronto!

Well, it’s far from ideal but the day is finally here! Recreational Cannabis is officially legal in Canada.

Yes Ontario isn’t going to have legal physical dispensaries anytime soon, OCS’s launch selection is a joke, not to mention its high prices. Edibles and concentrates are not going to be available anytime soon and the city of Markham just passed the bylaw prohibiting smoking in the public while some condos are banning the act anywhere within/near the buildings including the balconies

So for some people it may feel like nothing has changed. Yes you’re allowed to buy weed exclusively from an online store with a limited selection, insufficient and inaccurate descriptions (e.g. “Balanced” is listed with 2-10% THC and 2-10% CBD) and inflated prices only to find out you have to go to a different city to smoke what you bought, legally speaking.

So we know the fight isn’t over and there is so much more work ahead but despite all these, it is an important milestone not many nations have reached so Congratulations to all of us!

P.S. Greenz is celebrating the occasion with a 15% discount code (“Greenz15”) on top of already reduced prices.

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