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My experience ordering from KanaPost.com

Exploring my newly discovered love for CBD and high-CBD strains I came across KanaPost.com. They had a few high-CBD strains in their menu from which 2 were in stock which thankfully were the two I was looking for with good prices. Charlotte’s Web and ACDC. (Yes I have tried them both since and I’ll write a blog post in detail but in short my CW smelled better, ACDC  burned better and the effect of both were very similar although in this batch, the CW had more THC than it should have). They also had Rockstar (an indica-dominant hybrid high in THC) on sale for an unbelievable price which did sweeten the deal and made me place my order rather sooner than later.  Besides I could use coupon code “KanaWelcome” to get an extra 10% off on my first order.

Since my order I’ve noticed they often have a few items including a number of strains on sale with really cheap prices. The ones I tried were decent and would be buying from them again.


For registration they require Name, Address, Phone Number and Email address. You can also signup using Facebook, Google or Twitter. They also ask you to email them a photo of your ID card which I did and to which they replied and told me they delete my ID after age verification.

Payment Process

At this time, Interact Email Transfer with similar process to other dispensaries is the only method of payment here.


Shipping is free for orders above $150 or $20 flat for smaller orders. I placed my order around 10am on Saturday morning of a long weekend. The order was shipped at 3pm on the following business day being Tuesday. Although the package was mailed using Canada Post’s Xpresspost, the delivery was delayed till the next Monday.

The Package

The Package from KanaPost.com

Double Vacuum-Sealed Tupperware! That a nice and useful touch!

Products individually in ziplock bags, each with 2-way humidity control, all together packed nicely in a Tupperware container, vacuum-sealed in a Foodsaver bag, vacuum-sealed in another bag placed in a bubble-lined envelop. KanaPost has set a new high in terms of packaging and my expectation from now! The package was odorless, the buds weren’t squished, the humidity control was a great idea and the container was nice and useful! They also sent a flavored Hemp Cone and a gram of God’s Green Crack for free which was appreciated.

The Products

In terms of quality, the products seem to be good. Not too wet, not too dry, well-trimmed, good size and they burn well. I want to note that although correctly identified in the product description, the strain they sell as “Small Nug Rockstar” is in fact what is known as Rockstar Kush/BC Rockstar. Rockstar itself is a cross between Rockbud (an indica-dominant hybrid) and Sensi Starn (indica with powerful body effects) resulting in an indica-dominant hybrid. What is known as “Rockstar Kush” or “BC Rockstar” is the hybrid of Rockstar and Bubba Kush (an indica strain known for its tranquilizing effects) resulting in a more sedating effect than the original Rockstar. They also mixed up the labels and I received the packages with the labels for Rockstar and ACDC reversed. Knowing this is a possibility from now I would take more caution when consuming what I assume is a high CBD strain for the first time! You can imagine the situation after smoking a joint full of Rockstar Kush with THC levels of 22-25% instead of ACDC with little to no THC 🙂 I have since contacted their support letting them know about the mix-up and although I had no expectation they have tried to make things right by offering me a generous coupon for a future order.

PS. Although I may have more experience in this field than an average user, I am not a cannabis connoisseur nor I trust my one experience to write a definitive review about the products and/or the dispensaries they were purchased from. I simply purchase the products anonymously, and report my experience hoping that would help others make a more informed decision.


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