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My experience ordering from MyKush.ca

After finding a few online dispensaries that I was comfortable with I was hesitant about trying a new one. Online dispensaries mostly ship from BC which means ~$15-20 shipping charge for delivery to Toronto. To avoid that I would have to place a larger order which could mean a larger parcel full of undesirable material if the new place ends up not being good! But when I found Charlotte’s Web for a good price at MyKush.ca I had to take the risk and hope for the best. I have been wanting to try this high-CBD strain for a while and unfortunately not a lot of places carry it since it doesn’t get you high because of its low THC (<0.3%). Thankfully this ended up being a positive experience.


Registration isn’t necessary to place an order. When placing an order without registration they only require Email Address, Shipping address and a phone number. If you choose to register they need your first and last name as well.

Payment Process

They have two options:

  • Interac Email Money Transfer with similar process as the rest.
  • Bitcoin/Altcoin which accepts Bitcoin, BitcoinCash and Litecoin. After placing order you would keep the browser open and send the payment in the amount shown on the screen.


Shipping is free for orders above $100 but for smaller orders they charge a $20 flat fee for shipping to Toronto. Shipping is through Canada Post Xpresspost. I placed my order on the evening of Thursday, the payment was accepted around the midnight and it was shipped on Friday. I received the package on Monday around noon! This was the fastest I have ever received a package from the west coast!

The Package

The package from MyKush.ca

The package arrived in a regular bubble-lined envelop, vacuum-sealed with no odors or indication of its content.

The Products

This was my first time trying Charlotte’s Web and although I have no reference to compare it to I believe it to be of a good quality. I’ll write the product review in a separate post but in general I believe the high-CBD strains deserve a better publicity! I’m sure a lot of THC users would switch when they realize CBD gives them some of their favorite effects and some with little to no effect in the head.


  • Justin

    My experience with Mykush has been brutal!

    You can not get in touch with anyone when there is a problem. Like my order they delivered to Ontario instead of Vancouver where my account clearly shows my shipping and billing address.

    I have emailed several times and no one responds. I consider mykush to have stolen my money at this point as I do not have the product or a response from the company.

    Stay away!

  • Malcolm

    My experience is exactly the same as Justin’s, posted above. My order was misaddressed and sent to an address in Victoria rather than to my city. Repeated emails brought only a litany of excuses that Canada Post must have sent the package to my former address, even though I have lived at my current address for 7 years and have never lived in Victoria.

    I too feel that MyKush has stolen my money as they no longer reply and I still have not received any produce.

    Maybe these guys are using too much of their own product to be competent business people.

    Avoid them if you too don’t want to be ripped off!

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