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My experience ordering from Greenz.ca

Continuing my dispensary reviews series I took advantage of a great sale and gave Greenz.ca a try.

With 6035+ flowers and 10050+ concentrates with reasonable prices there were plenty of choices. I took advantage of a coupon code giving an extra 15% off on top of already low prices of sale items and ordered two strains Nirvana (a sativa dominant hybrid) and Pink Kush (an indica dominant hybrid).


The registration actually happens on the last step of the check-out process during which it asks for Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address and an ID card. You could also select how you would like to pay between the good old “Email Money Transfer” and CoinPayments.net which is a Canadian cryptocurrency payment platform.

Payment Process

Like other dispensaries I went with Interac with similar process and no surprises.


They offer free shipping on orders aver $150. I placed my order on the evening of Thursday, the order was processed around midnight and was shipping using Xpress post on Friday. I received the package on the Tuesday following the long weekend so it took 2 business days after I placed the order and 5 days in total. So far this has been the quickest turnaround time I’ve experienced which is a huge plus when ordering cannabis online.

The Package

The package from Greenz.ca


This was packaged nicely. A bubble-lined envelope containing a vacuum-sealed box neatly containing individual zip-lock bags and a humidity control bag. No smell, no mess and the buds are not compressed.

The Products

Still too early to comment on the quality of the products and I will write a separate review of the products once I’ve spent enough time with them but at first glance the buds are good size, they look healthy and they smell natural. I would probably prefer them a bit dryer but that’s nothing major. I believe I can safely recommend buying weed online from Greenz.ca

UPDATE: I did try the products and enjoyed them very mush especially the Pink Kush (which seems to be on sale again) !

One Comment


    Well at least you all got your orders, I Have ordered twice b4 from greenz and was happy with the Yaletown Flower Co products. So when i saw the Death bubba i was like i gotta try it. They got my money up front like always for the OZ but this product never got to me. Nancy told me my product was seized therefore they cant give me my money back. I called to have the item released to me as i did before with TIRAY buds. As They have done b4, since I am on record as MMAR patient for my health issues since 2011 but they told me no item was ever seized. long story short i got scammed for my cash this time around by greenz but you won’t do me again. Cause i will never let you steal from me. I will stick with my real online suppliers Fuk greenz. Why lie to your loyal customers it makes no sense at all. my actual stars rating is zero but it wont allow me to comment.

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