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My experience with FairCannaCare

UPDATE August 30th 2018: As you will soon read, my experience wasn’t great when I first ordered from FairCannaCare. After 3 months I gave them another try, this time 3 high-CBD strains which I’ve tried many good quality samples recently and I can be a good judge of their quality. Although the packaging and shipping has been greatly improved, unfortunately the quality of the buds remained questionable. I’m convinced there is something wrong with the buds and probably extracted/blasted. Again they all smell harsh, they all taste bitter when smoked and they’re very flaky and fragile with no trichomes. I would suggest trying other online dispensaries. Some of them may have a Flash sale for something of a good quality. Here is the original review:

After my positive experience with Buds2Go I decided to try a few other online dispensaries so I started searching.
The prices at FairCannaCare.com seemed too good to be true but after some googling it turned out to be legit with lower quality buds but the reviewers were mostly satisfied considering the prices.

At FairCannaCare buds are categorized by price. There are buds for as low as $2 to a maximum of $7 a gram with discount for bulk orders of up to half a pound! An ounce of the lower category is only $50 so if the quality turns out somehow acceptable, it might be at very least good for making edibles.

I like learning about new strains and experiencing different effects they have so I decided to take advantage of their great prices and order many different strains in one order. That would also give me the opportunity to compare them all side by side.


Registration was straight forward. The same standard requirements. Name, Email Address, Phone number and a photo ID for age verification. Upon registration they gave me 20 points which later I learned is worth $20.

Shipping is free for orders above $150. They also charge a 5% GST! So I put together an order of the following 14 strains:

  • Chemdawg
  • Sage N Sour
  • Sugar Kush
  • Quantum Kush
  • Hindu Kush
  • Berry OG Kush
  • Chocolope
  • Lemon OG
  • Skywalker
  • Green Crack
  • Banana Kush
  • Rockstar
  • Romulan
  • Trainwreck

Payment Process

The payment process is similar to others, Interac money transfer with order number placed as the security question.


I placed my order on a Saturday. The order was processed on the following Monday, the package was shipped the same day using Canada Post Expedited Parcel service and I received it on Monday the week after. If I didn’t order on a weekend I imagine it would have taken 7-8 days for delivery in Toronto.

The Package

So finally the package arrived but to my surprise it’s not a box! It’s a padded/bubble-lined envelope and it smells before I open it.

The Products

All the buds jammed in one envelope.
The Buds

Well. I receive the products but they don’t look like the pictures on their site. They were mostly small nugs all jammed into individual small bags and then all in the bubble-lined envelope. In each bag, the buds are mostly squished together and it seems to be that way for some time in a way they all come out in one piece and you have to break pieces apart.

The good thing was that I couldn’t detect any mold. I’m usually allergic to mold and I sneeze about one hundred time each time I’m exposed to moldy weed but thankfully I was safe there (UPDATE: Not everybody had the same experience. There are at least 2 recent comments on this post reporting moldy weed). They were also pretty generous as most bags had more in it than I’ve ordered and paid for. The bad thing was that from 14 bags, at least 8 look and smell the same. They are dark green with brown-ish hair with a pungent citrusy, Lysol-like smell. The smell itself although strong, isn’t something that cannot be expected from a cannabis plant but when its in 10 of the bags, it’s concerning. I contacted them using their contact form on the website asking if it might be because of a pesticide or a chemical they used and the next day I got the following response:

The flowers that we source and offer at the $2-$3 range are from growers who otherwise were not able to sell them and therefore have been sitting on shelves for over 3 months. The smell is therefore caused by the fact that they are not freshly grown new flowers. There are no foreign substances added nor have they been put through any extraction process.
Our product is 100% safe and offers a quality high and relief for our customers.

Well, I’m not an expert but I know first hand from my many instances of forgetting weed in different places that keeping weed alone for 3 months is not going to give it the strong smell I’m sensing.

I didn’t even think about extraction but their response got me searching and apparently it has been done before that flowers go through an extraction process involving a chemical solvent and in the end they look slightly compressed but mostly untouched. Or it might very well be that they put the same strong-smelling strain in 8-9 of the bags under different names! Seriously they might be! I’ll make a separate blog post going through all the products with photos and details! I’m reserving my judgement for now but until I find out more I shop from other online dispensaries. If you still want to give them a try, here is my affiliate link so at least I get a commission from your purchase! These commissions allow us to cover the cost of operating this site and order anonymously, reporting back the results for everyone to use.



  • Robert Leonardo

    Good review. I had some of the same experience just lately.
    Overall I would give them a 2-3 out of five.

    Online ordering process 3 out of 5.
    -The website has good detail and is relatively easy to navigate. -Great selection.
    -Excellent details for each product.
    -The website is not a mobile browser friendly.
    -Ordering is easy (when not using a mobile browser).
    -Payment is via bank e-mail transfer only.
    -No order confirmation by email.

    Order & Process Speed 1 out of 5.
    -Took a few days to see the order filled and payment accepted.
    -No email confirmations and updates.
    -An email to customer service on day three of no activity got no response.
    -Nearly two weeks from order date to delivery.
    -Delivery costs too high (we are used to $0).

    Packaging & Delivery 2 of out 5.
    -Terrible packing. All five items orders were in cheap sandwich bags (double wrapped) into a printed better-sealed bag seemed juvenile.
    -Not to Canadian law requirements for packing, labelling, shipping. Not how I would expect a professional company to pack/ship!
    -The odour was noticed before bags were opened! Not cool.

    Product Quality : 3 out of 5.
    -Very poorly trimmed buds. Stocks and stems in two of the four flowers ordered. Not a huge amount, but not to a high standard, clearly.
    -All products a bit too dry for my liking, but not a big deal as we use humidity controls for our storage. Would like to see them include humidity control packs.
    -Sampled all items (four flowers and BC hash) and they all seem good to very good quality for the prices.

    Overall, the company seems to not be following legal requirements, has some sloppy practices, is slow to fulfil an order, has limited communication and customer service response. I question some of their terms and conditions on their website and the privacy policy does not really give me a sense of privacy I would expect. I also identified a few aspects where they are not following legal requirements for cannabis sales in Canada which adds to my concerns of privacy, ethics and best business practices. However, the price points are good, selection and availability were good on this one an only order I placed. The products we sampled are acceptable for the prices. They also have a fairly good points earning system which is nice to see.

    Would I order again? Not if there are no improvements. With all of the options coming, I will wait and see. This company needs to step up the game to stay in the game.

    • Chad M

      Company should be embarrassed to even send that shwag to ppl. If I wanted pickles I would have grabbed some bics..what a joke .my reclaim shatter from my rig is cleaner than theirs fresh in the pack😂😂

    • Charles Nicol

      Faircannacare at the end of January 2019 had a 10% of $25 Shatter so I ordered on Oz. I weighed it before smoking even a single toke and it was short by exactly 3 grams. I also ordered a 1/2 Oz of their GDP AAAA Flower
      and got 14.333g of garbage.

      I complained within an hour of receipt of my parcel and they asked for pictures and said they would get right back to me. this was over 2 weeks ago so I am now looking to complain to whoever will listen.

      I spent $672 and got ripped off, maybe there’s just 1 guy who is in their shipping dept who is screwing over customers and Faircannacare but I shouldn’t have to suffer.

  • Justin Lemire

    still the cheapest on the market if it was butane’d or C02’d you’d taste the gas in it. if you have a comparable price point i would for sure be interested but the other websites are to much

    • CannabisTo

      Most of the 17 strains that I have tried so far (some of which were $7 a gram) do smell similar to a solvent (kinda like Isopropyl alcohol). They mostly have a bitter taste and give me a light headache. I understand this can also be caused by poor flushing before the harvest but either way that’s not something I want in my weed at any expense. Not that it matters but it’s not necessarily the cheapest either. Most places have at least a few strains for $5 a gram. Buds2Go used to have an amazing Seaweed for $2.99 a gram and sometimes even less when on sale. KanaPost has Rockstar Kush on sale for $79 an ounce. In general when shopping on budget I prefer not to sacrifice the quality so much and instead just buy what is on sale and there is always something on sale somewhere! 🙂

  • big al

    I tested faircannacare strains(5 of them) for mold spores and they came back positive!!…IF YOU WANT CANCER THESE CLOWNS WASHED WEED will certainly infect you!!

  • Brian

    Please stay away from this place it really is bad and is moldy if u don’t believe me just order and see for yourself very bad stuff tried 18 strains they are all bad BEWARE

  • Vlad

    DO NOT BUY HERE!!! Buyers beware: you will never see your money wasted on unusable garbage!
    Buds here, regardless the price, SMELL LIKE HAY, TASTE LIKE WET SUCKS and NOT POTENT AT ALL!!!
    I have wasted $500 on buds here that ARE UNUSABLE! I wanted to send their garbage back: “Don’t bother” they said, “we don’t give refunds” and “What did you expect for these prices?” or “Management will get back to you asap”, as if “golden management” is a separate body located on the moon.
    These (people???) must be investigated, prosecuted and sentenced for life to choke on the garbage they sell.
    PS: All the reviews on their site are self-made, my was never published.

  • Jesse James

    Had same bad experience everyone else mentioned, so no need to repeat, except that I heard that “Dill” smell is actually “Vinegar” they spray from their local Weed Farmers shitty ass weed to kill any mold – I believe this! And I also wrote some reviews where I gave them 2 stars, and 1 star, and they were never published, but I did get the 3 star strain published, then went back and trashed them with another 1 star! There are many people who are living on a very tight budget, I get it, but come on people, is FCC shit worth it? There are over 300 online sites, (illegal sites) that have great sales with quality weed, and some focus on other cannabis products, like Cheebas has over 30 different kinds of hash from around the world, and Herb Approach has some “Flash” sales of AAAA strains for $130, sometimes less. So hope around and I do hope more people take notice to Faircannacare and report them, stop buying from them!

  • Allison Alloro

    Absolute terrible, terrible products with even worse customer service. My last and final order with them had AAAA quads that were the same quality of their cheap $2.50 buds, crumbled at the touch and stunk. (Not the good skunk stink either. Like vinegar stink) The order was missing a gummy and for almost 4 weeks now I have been trying to contact customer service to have them either send out the missing gummy or refund my CC as I have no interest in purchasing from them ever again. They quoted that they run on low margins and are not able to ship out missing items from orders when mistakes happen. And it is up to the customer to re-order and pay for shipping themselves and hope that they receive all their order, as well as a quality product that doesn’t crumble when it’s looked at and doesn’t stink like pickle juice and mould.

    Mould is very dangerous and should never be smoked. Save your money and purchase quality bud from a reputable company.

  • happy client

    B E W A R E…
    B E W A R E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”fAIRcANNACare”…What is happening to this once wonderful country of ours??? Where is the police to investigate/shut them down/charge/prosecute and send them to their home sweet home PRISON, where they will be loved from behind until they depart from this world direct into the fire pit…BURN THEM TO THE GROUND!!! They are not human at all!

    Their most expensive buds were worst then $5-6 ones, which were unusable garbage anyway.
    They package their shatter themselves on individual basis. First time they sent very decent $25 shatter; second time they sealed into right packages same, regardless of the strain, very dark almost black unusable junk…and it’s not just a waste, it’s TOXIC WASTE!!!
    Forget about hundreds of dollars you’re willingly giving to these scums of the Earth, now i’m intensively treated for longs and sinus fungus/mold infection….
    I wonder how much longer will it take before they collect money from the “right client”, so they will find themselves in hell here and now in their very own homes…
    PS: they NEVER place any negative reviews on their website, so don’t waste you time writing

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