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My experience ordering from Buds2Go.ca

UPDATE October 30th 2018: Buds2Go now only sells to Medical patients and requires ACMPR. If you already have your ACMPR or interested in obtaining you can register and they will help you get setup. Otherwise you can check out other cannabis dispensaries or try its sister site GetchaGanja.

Original Post:

I’ve had mixed results ordering weed online so I decided to start a section here, highlighting the good and the bad in my experiences. Hopefully these write-ups will help someone make a more informed decision.

In short, my experience with Buds2Go was a positive one. They are legit and I have been and will be buying from them again. The registration was straightforward, the minimum order to quality for free shipping is low, the shipping was quick and the quality was well worth the price.

Here is the full review:

I was skeptical about ordering from Buds2Go at first since I found the site through a Google search and not through a friend or a personal contact! What caught my attention was people’s reviews on their products and their attention in responding to negative comments! It’s good to know somebody actually reads them. They also have a customer service live chat module on their site which was a nice touch! Combined with a few items being on sale I decided to give this site a try.

To place an order you need to open an account. Registration requires Name, Email address, Phone number and a Photo ID for age verification. At least 2 of these items may have raised red flags for my old self but now it seems to be standard and these guys claim they don’t keep any personally identifiable information in the system after the age verification is done.

My very first order was during a Flash Sale, during which they had a few strains for $99 an ounce! They offer free shipping for orders over $100 so after adding a pack of papers for $2.5 my total came to $101.5 + HST = $114.70

UPDATE: At the time they collected HST but according to the recent emails, they no longer do. 

They seem to have Flash Sale events every few weeks with good deals on some cannabis strains and concentrates and sometimes it is only for a few hours so I would suggest signing up for an account now, even if there is nothing that interest you at the moment, to be notified of the promotions and have an account handy for when the time comes!

After submitting the order, you will receive details on the email address to send Interact money transfer to, the password to use and the order number to include in the comments section. I placed my order on March 21st in the evening, the money was accepted afternoon March 22nd, the item was shipped using Canada Post Xpresspost with tracking number the same day and I received the package in Toronto on the 26th.

Based on a few other times I’ve ordered from them I would say normally it would take 5-6 days from the day the order is placed till you receive your package in Toronto, so plan accordingly!

The package is discreet with no mention of Buds2Go or any indication of the contents of the package. The herbs are in zip-lock bags and all the products are vacuum-sealed with no noticeable odor, even after opening the box.

So far, I’ve liked the quality of all the strains I’ve ordered. I’ll keep this thread updated.

Buds2Go’s Current promo: Receive a free gram of weed on your first order (You can’t choose the strain, it will be a surprise! Mine was BC Kush which I enjoyed)

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