Cannabis Deals

420 Special Deals on Cannabis

With 420 approaching, many online dispensaries are having special prices on flowers, edibles and concentrates. Here is a hand-picked list:

  • Kali Mist: A Sativa dominant Hybrid, this strain’s most known effects are creativity, uplifting and energetic and its flavors are Citrus, Mint and Earthy. It is currently on sale for $99.4/Ounce or $6/gr at TrueMeds.
  • Bruce Banner: Euphoric, Happy and Relaxed are the main effects of this Sativa Dominant Hybrid with very high levels of THC. Currently on sale for $5.5/gr at Buds2Go.
  • Black Diamond: As a strong Indica-dominant Hybrid with sedative effects, it’s recommended for nighttime use. It is currently on sale for $6/gr at Buds2Go.
  • Pink Kush: Another strong Indica-dominant Hybrid with strong body effects best suited for treating stress, insomnia and pain. On sale for $5/gr or $130/Ounce at Greenz
  • Lemon Haze: A personal favorite for its citrusy taste and happy, uplifted and euphoric effects, this Sativa-dominant Hybrid is currently on sale for $5/gr or $130/Ounce at Greenz
  • Rockstar: As a potent Indica-dominant Hybrid with Relaxed, happy and uplifted effects, it is a favorite medicine for headaches, pain and sleep disorders and it is on sale for $170/Ounce at HerbApproach

Deal Alert: at, you can use coupon code “GREENZ420” for an additional %20 off of everything, including items already on sale

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