My first experience ordering weed online

I used to live in Downtown Toronto, where buying weed has been relatively easy at least for a few years now. Even before all the dispensaries opening up since the Liberal Government I was one of the fortunate ones with a card, having access to good quality medical cannabis and edibles.

It has been a few years that I have been traveling for most of the year. Every few months when I come back to Toronto it’s almost like a whole new city. I have to ask around where Toronto Dispensaries are since most of the ones I knew from before are shut down. Purchasing from a new store means I will have to open a few new memberships and go through trial-and-error to find the store with a reasonable selection and quality of buds while dealing with new people some of which might not be pleasant.

A friend of ours going through the same cycle tried ordering weed online and had a good experience. I was skeptical at first but the variety of the strains and edibles, the ease of researching effects of the available strains, the comfort of having my buds delivered to my door and the more affordable prices kept me searching until I finally placed my first order at Buds2Go.

I’ve written a more detailed review of Buds2Go but in short, the process was simple, opening an account requires some basic information and a photo of a government issued ID card for age verification. The payment is through Interac money transfer and it’s shipped from BC. Shipping is free for orders over $100 through Canada Post Xpresspost, taking around 5-6 days to be delivered to Toronto.

After this positive experience I’ve tried a few other online options which I’ll be posting reviews for, very soon.

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